Bone Token (Cardano)

Bone Token is a token launched on Cardano blockchain. ADA holders are welcome to check it out.

Policy ID: 2877216d841a90869ee7376b9aa36ce88890545b853d80e85f92c772.bone

Some facts about Bone Token


The Bone Token is a fungible token issued on the Cardano blockchain, one of the top blockchains in the world.

Limited Supply

There are only 21 million Bone Tokens minted, and supply is limited. 

Issued by a lawyer

Bone Token is issued by a lawyer who is interested in cryptocurrency, NFTs and blockchain.

Real Utility

Bone Token can be redeemed for services from the founder of the token, such as consultations, consulting, and drafting.

Photo from (Credit: Michael Schwartz)

Photo from (Credit: Owen Beard)

Supporting Good Causes

Some profits from the project will be donated to support some good causes.


Some profits will be used to organize educational activities that benefit the NFT community.


We plan to create an NFT collection. A portion of NFTs from the collection will be airdropped to lucky (or unlucky) Bone Token holders.

Support the founder

The founder of the project supports NFT projects and artists on a pro bono basis. Support this project to support him.

Bone Token is a new token with utility.

Version 1 of our Bone token has been depreciated because it had some issues with its Policy.

We launched version 2 of the Bone token with the help of the Cardano community, and it is registered with the Cardano Token Registry.

Holders of version 1 of the Bone token (depreciated) can send them to our founder for a swap with version 2 of the Bone token. Closing date: 31st December 2022


The founder of the Bone Token, Kevin Koo Seng Kiat, is a lawyer from Malaysia. 

You can contact the founder on Twitter.

Get some Bone Token today

Tokens are available from a marketplace (see listings below) or contact the founder directly (see above).

Thanks for supporting the Bone Token

Policy ID 2877216d841a90869ee7376b9aa36ce88890545b853d80e85f92c772.bone

Listing 1

5,000 Bone Tokens for sale

Listing 2

4,000 Bone Tokens for sale

Listing 3

3,000 Bone Tokens for sale

Listing 4

2,000 Bone Tokens for sale